Tablet Mounts

Welcome to our page showcasing the tablet mount range at Bouncepad. Here you’ll be able to browse the products we offer, see what tablets they are compatible with, and get an understanding of how a tablet wall mount and a tablet desk mount could benefit your business.

A huge amount of thought goes into making our products, they have to fulfill several different functions at once. They must be stylish, to compliment any person’s business that buys them. They must be secure, because damage to equipment is an overhead for businesses that can be avoided. Lastly they must be efficient, we create these products with the goal of aiding and improving the customer experience. This means streamlining processes and making information easier to share.



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Le Wallmount Bouncepad est une solution discrète pour les surfaces verticales et les murs, présentant le contenu à hauteur des yeux.



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Le VESA Bouncepad vous permet d’obtenir facilement un écran de tablette plat et il est compatible avec les systèmes de montage VESA disponibles sur le marché.



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Le Branch Bouncepad est la solution idéale lorsque l’espace au sol est précieux et que vous souhaitez que vos murs délivrent l’information.



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Le Flex Bouncepad offre une liberté de mouvement totale grâce à sa tige souple qui vous permet d’utiliser l’écran avec n’importe quel angle.

Tablet Wall Mounts

When would a wall mount work best?

There are a number of situations when a wall mount could work for you. They can be perfect for digital signage, or environmental controls that need to keep a low profile but still easily accessible. Also, if you are tight on surface space, then a wall mount won’t take up any of this.

Are they difficult to install?

In short: no. However it is important to make sure they are securely fixed to the wall with the correct fittings and any wires are safely out of the way. There are two mounting options, either from behind the wall or onto the wall surface.

Tablet Desk Mounts

Desk mounts are one of the most popular options for displaying a tablet. The enclosure can easily be fitted to tables, bars, worktops and any other flat surface that can be securely fixed into. This lends itself to utilising the tablets as cash registers, order points and information points, amongst others.


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