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The page in front of you showcases the Bouncepad tablet stand collection. We create beautiful enclosures that fulfill multiple purposes, combining ergonomic functionality with contemporary style to improve business processes.

Below you can view what products we have on offer, from a tablet floor stand to a tablet stand for desk, with everything in between. We also give you information about what size of case you’ll need for your particular tablet model, further technical details, as well as links to some helpful information we’ve created on our blog.

Our Range of Tablet Stands

Counter Counter



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Le Counter Bouncepad est conçu pour protéger et sécuriser la tablette tout en la maintenant à l’angle optimal pour une interaction ergonomique.

Protect and secure your tablet, whilst seamlessly blending into the countertop.

Desk Desk



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Le Desk Bouncepad se trouve à hauteur de son support et il est positionné à l’angle parfait pour une interaction naturelle.

Low lying, with a high visual impact. Display content easily, without taking over the space.

Flip Flip



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Le Flip Bouncepad se pose de manière élégante sur votre comptoir et se révèle être la solution parfaite pour le partage d’écran et les points de vente.

Flip and switch users with ease. Perfect for receptions and store counters.

Sumo Sumo



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Le Bouncepad Sumo est à la fois élégant, robuste et idéal pour les environnements à trafic intense tels que les restaurants à service rapide, les galeries marchandes, les espaces de jeu et les aéroports.

Big and beautifully, designed to take the use of large amounts of people.

Static 60 Static 60

Static 60


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Le Static 60 Bouncepad constitue un puissant centre d’attraction pour afficher un contenu numérique à distance ou sur des plateformes surélevées.

Retains its position for optimal displaying of content, particularly from a distance or raised up.

Counter Flex Counter Flex

Counter Flex


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Le Counter Flex Bouncepad est conçu pour protéger et sécuriser la tablette tout en la maintenant à l’angle optimal pour une interaction ergonomique.

Freely move the display whilst the stand remains secured to the counter.

Counter 60 Counter 60

Counter 60


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Le Counter 60 Bouncepad est conçu pour protéger et sécuriser la tablette tout en la maintenant à l’angle optimal pour une interaction ergonomique.

Protect and secure your tablet, without the need to drill holes into your furniture.

Floorstanding Floorstanding



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L’élégant Floorstanding Bouncepad attire l’attention, l’ultime présentoir autonome pour tablette pour les installations temporaires et permanentes.

Portable, solid, and elegant. Great for exhibitions and events.

Floorstanding Slim Floorstanding Slim

Floorstanding Slim


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Le Floorstanding Slim est l’outil idéal pour les installations fixes pour lesquelles l’espace est tout aussi important que le style.

A permanent fixture, with a small footprint, that maximises both space and style.

Tablet Floor Stand

Do I need a floor stand?

Floor stands are ideal options if there is not any choice as to where you can mount an enclosure. We have two models, one that is a permanent fixture, the other that can be moved at your convenience without leaving any damage to the floor. They lend themselves to minimal retail environments, events, and exhibitions.

How tall are they?

The floorstanding is 114 cm high and the floorstanding slim is marginally shorter at 112.6cm. We tested this to be the optimal height for the most amount of people whilst standing up.

Secure Tablet Stand

Fitting your business with tablets can cost a lot of money, knowing this we’ve designed our stands to protect your investment from both damage and theft. They’re strong to hold up against the heavy handed users that are almost inevitably going to be using them at some point in the future. Alongside this, we’ve considered the chance of thieves trying to steal your tablets and have designed to minimise this risk.

POS tablet stand

What is POS?

POS stands for Point of Sale. This is the precise time and location a transaction happens. Common examples of this are registers at shops or receptions in hotels.

What does a POS stand do?

Our tablet POS stands turn your tablet into a business asset, becoming a fixture to be used as a cash register or during any other purchase transaction.

How can an tablet POS stand help my business?

Amongst many other points, using one improves the security and speed of the transaction, whilst also being more secure and professional.

perfect for,

Use your tablet as an amazing business tool to engage your customers and provide the best customer experience.

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